Monday, 2 June 2014

Launch day minus 3 (build day 182)

Whilst the outside of Still Rockin’ was being polished above the gunwale and the second coat of blacking painted underneath ...
 ... the Teek-Deck has been fitted in the bow ...
 ... and the engine covers are ready to be put back on
 I’ve finished the curtains and put them up this evening ...
... and I’ve got a small bookcase too!

Tomorrow most of our worldly possessions will come on board but not unpacked (except for the bed) until we’re on the water at Braunston on Thursday - can’t wait!

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Hi there you two

Just a quick comment so you know we'll be thinking of you on your BIG day tomorrow. What time is Still Rockin due to go into the water? Looking forward to seeing the photo's when you get the chance.

All the best,

Keith, Nicky and The Boys