Sunday, 22 June 2014

One of George’s bestest, best days ...

The longest day ...

Kinver Canopies arrived and hopefully fixed the leaky pram hood and yesterday George purchased some engineering bricks to use as ballast to bring the bow down a little.  Once the bricks were installed we moved back to the 14-day moorings beyond the bridge where ...
 ... nb Hunca Munca was moored ...
... and here’s George confidently manoeuvring Still Rockin’ past her; 2 boats so very different, both hulls built by Lambon Boats and fitted out by Barn Owl Narrowboats.

After we'd cleaned up all the brick dust on Still Rockin’ it was time to light the BBQ and to end a good day we went for an evening walk down the top 4 Buckby Locks and didn’t get back until after 10pm. A well spent Summer Solstice.

Dave from Cabin Care rang us too, he’s bringing the blinds for the kitchen and bow doors on Tuesday, so once again we’ll go through the bridge to Buckby Wharf for him to fit them and on Wednesday the car will go to it’s new owner and on Thursday ... the start of our summer cruise!


  1. I have two seconds of WiFi. I will catch up with your launch - nightmare communications xxx

    1. Thanks for using that two seconds for me! Hope communications improve soon for you. xx


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