Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The first locks ...

We set off at 10 past 6 (that’s evening time)
George is steering up to Lock 1 ...
... and Molly is at home ...
... George is setting the lock for me now ...
  ... nervous as hell ...
 ... under bridge no 2 ...
 ... and into Bottom Lock ...
 ... in the lock and chatting to a lovely young Italian lady ...
 Entering ...
 ... lock 2, George tells me that only advanced drivers cross over hands (not sure if I believe him though) ...
 ... and safely in ...
 ... so ... guess which lock this is then ...

 ... and if you hadn’t guessed, it’s The Admiral Nelson ...
 ... the lock cottage here has been recently sold.
 Leaving lock 5 - a bit tricky this one past the boats and slight left into the lock ...
 ... safely in ...
... 20 past 8 and we’re at Braunston Tunnel for tomorrow’s passage.

Well, not sure if that was exciting or terrifying!  But one thing I am sure of, it was 10 out of 10 for effort!

I managed to get into 3 of the 6 locks without touching the sides so I am taking that as a great success!

Tomorrow is another day!!!!!


  1. Well done indeed. Considering you have had no practice on the wheel what you have done this evening is just brilliant!

    I think you will find that the boat will go through the tunnel with hardly any steering needed being a wide beam. It is the same in a narrow tunnel for us bods with half a boat, hardly any steering needed.

    Make sure the light works still! Good luck xx

    1. Thanks Sue, tunnel done this morning, not too bad, took a bit of paint off the roof in the ‘kink’ - the tumblehome is not at the same angle as a narrowboat - see the pictures later today!

  2. Wow, well done, the boat just looks as though it's too big to passage through but you did it. xx

    1. Thanks Garry, it only just fitted through the tunnel this morning!

  3. Fantastic to see her on the water. She looks great. Well done to you both.

  4. Well done Carol!! Looks like you are heading our way. We hope our paths cross. Take care you two!

    1. Thanks Jaq we’ll look forward to that immensely! You two take care too! xx

  5. Well done, Carol, you're a braver woman than I! And you looked like a natural going up those locks :-)

  6. Thank you, you are too kind!

  7. Your boat looks great and I hope you have a great time on it. I have been following your blogs as I too hope to purchase a wide beam later this year. Could I ask what sky system you have on the roof and how do you find it and you also have 2 grey like antena can I ask what they are. Good luck. Andy

  8. Hello Andy,
    Thanks for your comments and please to read that you follow our blog. The sky system is not actually sky but it is a satellite dish - it’s not the same as we had on Rock n Roll and we’ve not got it working yet! The Camos which we had on RnR was excellent provided that it could ‘see’ the signal and the two grey antenna are digital tv ariels for when the dish can’t see the satellite (one in the living area and one in the bedroom).
    Good luck with your search for a boat.

  9. Thank you for your reply Carole and I hope you enjoy your journeys on your new wide beam.
    Take care


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