Thursday, 26 June 2014

Still waitin'

The canopy is fixed, the car has gone ...

... the blinds are fitted.

We’ve had drinks on the rear deck with Brenda and Dick from nb Baccus (C&RT volunteers who saw us through Braunston Tunnel), and ...

... a surprise encounter when we recognised Kathy and John as tug Sirius was passing just as we’d tied up.  A quick change of their plans and on board they came with their two lovely Lurcher crosses, one year old Sid under the table and two year old Asher (lovely quiet placid dogs), we had a great couple of hours catching up, as you do!

We’ve bought a sisal mat for the kitchen/dining area too!

One more job to be done by a professional today and we’ll be up with the sparrows in the morning heading south!

In the meantime we’ve seen a fair number of old working boats heading towards Braunston for the show this coming weekend.  I’d not always got my camera to hand so here’s just a few I managed to get ...

Ilford and Aquarius

Mikron Theatre boat albeit heading away from Braunston!

Fuel boat Callisto
We’ve been privileged to see some fine views from Still Rockin’ too ...

 ... including this wonderful sunset.

George is ‘over the moon’ with the solar panels (over to him) ... These have been our best buy!  There are 4 x 240 watt panels.  When I took this photo of the mppt controller screen, it was 10am and they are chucking out 49.8 amps!!  The highest output I have seen is 54.8amps at midday.  It was cloudy this morning and it’s still chucking out 32 amps! We have adjusted our routine for domestic chores because of this and we now wait until the batteries are at 100% then put the washing machine on, the batteries are fully recharged in 2.5hrs so we put the dishwasher on, they are recharged again in time for the evening TV, etc.  In the morning the batteries read about 65% after running the fridge and freezer all night and then we are back up to 100% in less than 3 hours......bargain!  Of course we realise that this is summer time and won’t expect quite this performance during the winter.

 5am yesterday morning we silently cruised through the rising mist, past the moored boats to the water point ... 
... a lovely time of day!


Mac & Jacquie Court said...

Hi Carol and George,
It's great to see your lovely new home in the water and the inside also now looking very comfortable and stylish. Enjoy your new style of cruising. If we had been in the UK we would have come up to Braunston to help celebrate your launch.

All the best and much love from a very envious couple Mac & Jac

P.S. Glad you like the name of me car, Marjorie Morgan had a certain je ne sais quoi don't you think?

Carol said...

It certainly does Mac! Thanks for the comments, if ever you and Jacquie want to meet up, just let us know.