Monday, 9 June 2014

The Launch ...

 The rear canopy is removed ...
 ... and placed inside with all our possessions ...
 ... and the steps removed for the last time.
 ... and parks in exactly the right place and lengthens to its fullest extent ...
 ... followed by the crane.
 Setting up for the lift ...
 ... the spreaders are on and the slings are under the boat ...
 ... are they in the correct place?
 ... we’ll know very soon!
 A perfect lift first time!
 Keeping it steady ...
 ... while the lorry slowly reverses underneath ...
 ... and Still Rockin’ is gently lowered onto the back.
 Making the final adjustments to get her into the lorries cradle ...
... and making her secure ...
 ... and she’s ready ...

 ... to go!

We didn’t want to follow the load so we set off for Braunston and
whilst we were having a tasty bacon and mushroom sandwich at the *Gongoozlers Cafe* with Avril the owner ...
 ... Mr Tuckey arrived with the crane ...
 ... and started to prepare - the large platform on the small crane is to protect the edge of the wharf from the weight on the crane/boat as it is lowered into the water.
The marina staff start moving boats to give access for the launch ...
 ... and here she comes ...
 ... it’s a bit steep!
 In position ...
 The cradle is placed in exactly the same place as before - we were just hoping that nothing inside had moved changing the balance of the boat ...
 ... up she goes ... my heart was in my mouth as I tried to keep the camera steady and focused as she swung perilously close to the crane!

 The crane is as close to the edge as it can possibly be but the strain on the jib was so great that for a short time as the boat was lowered, we could hear the crane alarm sounding!

 A successful launch!

George and I say a huge thank you to Steve and Ian at Lambon Boats and Stuart and his crew at Barnowl Boats for building us a fantastic boat and a wonderful home.

It was a deja vous  time for us as just a few months short of 7 years ago our narrowboat Rock ’n’ Roll was launched (also by A B Tuckey)  in exactly the same place, but the weather was not so good as it poured down!

** Please note that contrary to what I’ve heard recently the Gongoozler at Braunston is NOT up for sale.  It is still owned and run by Avril and is the best eating establishment in the area with a varied menu and is also available for small evening events.  Definitely a place to visit and please say hello to Avril from us.


  1. Hiya both
    Fabulous photos, well done! Good advert for Tuckeys and the crane people!
    Hope you've got everything pretty well stowed away now. Looking forward to seeing you (and the QEIII!) later in the year.

    1. Hi, thanks Geoff - we’re doing ok - we’ve can get to the bed, have a sit down and there’s some food in fridge now, but still quite a few boxes to be unpacked!

  2. Great photos -- and a really big boat!

    1. Thanks Adam, yes it’s big - lovely!

  3. Fantastic.... Happy cruising

    Tom & Jan

  4. Phew, heart-stopping stuff! But congrats on a successful launch and we wish you many happy wide years afloat!

  5. Oh my how wonderful. I saw this while down south and couldn't give it my full attention. We were so sorry not to be there we had intended to be as our new engine should have arrived last week and we were going to make a beeline to meet you!

    It wasn't to be, we haven't had much luck.

    You must be absolutely over the moon, Carol what wonderful pictures you have taken which you will look at time and time again. What a magnificent boat...

    Busy, busy now gal.. Then the adventure starts!

    See you soon xx

    1. Hi Sue and Vic, hope you’ve managed to get your new engine in ok, I’ve not had much time to read the blogs this past week or so, need to relax for an hour or two and do a catch up! Still got a few boxes to unpack and find a place for it’s difficult to believe 90% came from a narrowboat but we’ll get there and then can start on the wide adventures. Stay well both of you. xx


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