Thursday, 2 April 2020

Out for a walk ... it's definitely spring ...

Regular readers will probably know that our usual 'daily' walk is over Hambleden weir footpath, but not now with social distancing in place.  The weir bridge is barely wide enough for two people to walk very close to each other let alone 6' apart, even on the bends there's not 2 metres of space to pass someone so that's a no no!    The dogleg pathway is about 400 metres long and if you meet someone coming the other way, one of you would need to turn back and that could be a long walk!

So we now walk the other way ... these pictures taken on Sunday (20th March) on a very cold windy day.
We walked out of the marina entrance, turned right and right again ...
onto this lane
which runs parallel to the River Thames
Looking back at the marina
Planes are still flying in and out of Heathrow but not nearly as many as usual
Never noticed this before, it's on the opposite side of the river in the  grounds of Culham Court
Nearly at Medmenham Meadow
 where we see our first lambs ... this one was certainly glad to be alive!
Nesting swan by the stream
Lots of Blackthorn blossom
On the way home ... a walk of about 1½ miles only seeing a couple walking in the field and another couple as we walked along the road back to the marina and they crossed the road to avoid us.
Our first duckling (Monday 30th) ... mum was nesting under one of the boats behind the summer house so I think the two she had with her were newborns, unfortunately she had none with her the following day.

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