Saturday, 11 April 2020

Life goes on ...

everything is quiet here, no dramas and we're keeping ourselves busy.
Monday (6th) ... the female mallards are really having a hard time lately and this one sat on one of my flower boxes for quite some time keeping the males at bay!
Tuesday (8th) at 20:15 ... the pink supermoon through the trees
Thursday (9th) Spring in a vase ...
and after another hot (23°) day ... an amazing sunset at half past 7.

Still Rockin' is still for sale and we've been busy taking video footage and lots of photos for BoatShed to also take on the sale. I will post the link to the adverts, as and when they're available, for you to share, if you will.

Stay safe everyone.


Vallypee said...

Lovely photos of your world, Carol. Good luck with the sale, although I guess it will be difficult to manage until the restrictions are over. Keep safe too!

Carol said...

Thanks Val - at least the information is 'out there' so hopefully we'll get some interest when this mess is over.