Monday, 20 January 2020

'Twas a cold and frosty morning ...

on Saturday (18th) here at Hambleden Marina
at 7:30
and the River Thames is still rising!

It's even deep enough on 'our' lawn for the Grebe to dive for fish!
And it's still only just above freezing at nearly 10 o'clock.
 The male Great Spotted Woodpecker is back and is fancying the nuts today for a change
But the sun is shining!

We're off for a walk but first we need to be able to get off the pontoon ...
and take a quick look at the weir ... blimey ... that's running fast!

Walking up to Hambleden village we see the calves galloping about the field ... so funny!

There's always one who has to be different!
Arriving at the village shop and post office and we've never noticed the telephone box in the wall before.

Sitting on a bench eating a flapjack for energy ...

looking at the amazing views

Passing the impressive Jacobean Manor house ...

and walking through Hambleden Estate ...

onto Rotten Row on our way home

This is where the mill stream (our mooring) comes in from the main river ... you may just be able to see the bridge hole on the water-line to the right of the narrow boat ... there is usually a gap of more than 3 feet, but today there is barely 3 inches!

‎Simon Shepherdson, Hambleden lock keeper ...
Hambleden Lock UNOFFICIAL river conditions update, Saturday 18th January 1200hrs. Some good news, there was no recorded rainfall here in the last 24 hours. The tail level here has continued to climb rising six inches to 12’7” (4’11” above normal summer levels). The headwater has risen a further two inches and now +18” (14” above normal summer levels). The flow is now up to around 220m3/Sec. Red Boards displayed the entire length of the river. The towpath will be underwater in places. Access between Hambleden Lock and The Flowerpot remains dry.
When we got back to Still Rockin' ...
and out came the sun chairs and a cuppa tea onto the deck ...
where we sat for an hour or so watching the wildlife and the views.

A good day!


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

Gosh, Carol, I didn't realise the river was still so high! Did you get yourself a fisherman's waterproof trouser/boot suit?

It's warm and muggy here today - we have had a small amount of welcome rain in the last day or so. We still have our warmest month to come and you have your coldest - but the days are getting longer for you - lovely to read that you could sit out in the sun even though it's deep in winter.


Nev Wells said...

Some lovely photos there Carol, brave getting on and off the boat. I think I would not dare leave her on the off chance the river came up to the point you could not get back on - is that a possibility ?

Take care

Vallypee said...

What a cold and frosty morning and the river so high too! I loved following your walk and at least it was sunny. Take care! I can imagine it's pretty slippery and ending up in the water is not an option!

Carol said...

Thank you Marilyn, Nev and Val for yuur comments.

Here's hoping that the weather in NZ gets a little cooler soon Marilyn.

It could be that we were unable to get off the pontoon .... see this picture from just before Christmas Nev when we needed a boat to take our luggage off the boat. The boat is now on the pontoon ... just in case!

I would certainly not want to fall in there Val! The water is running far too fast!