Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Christmas part three ...

After the opening of Christmas gifts with grandchildren Lucy and Ed and Mum and Dad Ange and Mark and exclaiming on the generosity of family and friends it was time for a bacon roll breakfast followed by showers etc., ready for the first visitors of the day.
 Lucy's boyfriend Dan and his family came with Lola and Mini, two excitable lovable staffies.
 George thought he'd died and gone to heaven with this double dog fix!
 and Mini thinks she's a lap dog on son Mark's lap!
Ange watches on as Lucy cuddles Mini and Ed tickles Lola.

After more gifts were exchanged and Dan and family had left it was nearly time for Christmas dinner once Ange's parent arrived to eat with us.  We sat down at the table about 2pm and didn't move until 6:45 and no, we weren't eating all that time, but chatting and laughing about all in sundry.  

A perfect day!

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