Friday, 28 December 2018

Christmas part four ...

was cancelled!

George had complained of a bit-of-a sore throat before we set off on our Christmas visits but felt well enough to travel.  However, on Christmas day the sore throat turned to flu and by Boxing day I too developed a sore throat, just three weeks after having an 'older persons flu vaccination'.  By yesterday (27th) we decided that it would be unfair to our lovely families to traipse our germs through their festivities.

Our plan had been to visit one of my brother's home where one of my nieces (Laura) had arrived from New Zealand for Christmas with her daughter (Evie), possibly to visit two of George's elderly aunts before travelling to Market Drayton to stay with George's sister and husband at their new house.  We called all those concerned and explained that we were cutting short our Christmas and set off home to Still Rockin'.
 The journey was fine except initially on the M40 to M42 junction. 
We have found that since the motorways have been upgraded to 'Managed' the traffic, although heavy still keeps moving which is so much better than sitting on a road looking more like a car park!
 North Staffordshire had been cloudy and misty when we left but by Oxford the sun was making an appearance
 and within 15 minutes of arriving home
it was blue skies.

So back at Still Rockin' we're going to take it easy today and just see how things go, I'm sure we'll both be feeling better very soon.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon. The flu might have been much worse without the jab. You just never know do you.
Kath (nb Herbie)

Carol said...

Thanks Kath.

Sue said...

We live such a 'sheltered' life on the river and canals that when we go visiting we bring home all sorts of flues and infections... Hope you are both feeling better soon xx

Mrs. Jaqueline Biggs said...

I am sorry to read you've both been ill and it cut into your festivities with family. There's no place like home when one is ill. Take care and get well soon.

Love Jaq xxx

Carol said...

Thank you Sue and Jaq. xx

Vallypee said...

Oh poor you, Carol. This year's cold and flu have been awful. I know loads of people who've had it and I had a dreadful fluey cold the week before Christmas too. I've never had a flu jab, but as far as I can see, they don't seem to make much difference. Who knows. Keep warm and look after yourselves. Wishing you a wonderful New Year!

Carol said...

Thank you Val, you too!