Monday, 11 December 2017

It's all about the weather!

Unlike in lots of other parts of the UK here at Hambleden we've so far had very little snow
On Friday (8th Nov Dec) just as we were about to put on our coats to go out for the bus to the gym it started to snow, hard.  We watched out the window and both decided that we wouldn't go.  However, (there's always a but!) we had planned to go into Reading Christmas shopping after gym so we decided that we'd rather get snowed in whilst shopping than exerting ourselves.  By the time we'd changed and went out for the Reading bus the snow had gone, but we did enjoy the shopping and lunch out!
Saturday we caught the bus into Henley.  We had both had a clear out of our wardrobes and a lot of 'stuff', winter clothes that we didn't wear last year had been put into a big bag so we split it down to make carrying easier and set off.  Unfortunately our favourite charity Blue Cross (for dogs) is closing down in Henley on Christmas Eve so were not taking any more donations, so we went next door but one and left it all at the Cancer Research shop.

All timed perfectly, we had lunch before walking the 2½ miles back  to the marina.  The day was very cold but dry and bright.
 Very imposing!
 Temple Island in the distance

 A very tall walking man sculpture as we approach Hambleden lock
 ... and in another garden this wonderful, weathered horse sculpture.
In the afternoon we got out the Christmas deco's and set too ...
Sunday morning there was a good blanket of snow everywhere and it was still coming down fast.  It eventually turned to sleet but the snow hasn't melted yet ... definitely a day to stay indoors by the fire!

We hope that all our boating friends are coping well with this winter weather and are staying safe, warm and dry.


Vallypee said...

It’s awful here, Carol, but then I loathe and detest the snow! Keep warm!

Carol said...

Probably because I don't have to go out anywhere in the snow if I don't want to, I love it! I hate the slushy stuff when it starts to melt especially the mounds at the sides of roads after they've been cleared and I don't like it freezing. Stay warm too. x