Sunday, 31 December 2017

A walk on the wild side

It was very windy yesterday morning (Dec 30) but strangely warm as I set off for a circular walk across the Thames.  The River is high and the pontoon on which we're moored has risen about 10". We're floating freely on long(ish) ropes for when the water decreases so that hopefully we don't settle at a disagreeable angle.

George has gone off to collect our visitor for over the New Year and today I'm on my own catching up with houseboat work and preparing a meal for when they return this evening.
All four sluices are open here and the water flowing furiously - compare the rush of water with how it was on December 18th when the stream was decreasing (orange boards)
The two sluices nearest the lock were both open too.  I've never seen all six open at the same time before.  You can see in the top left-hand corner that there is a 'red board' on the lock side which advises boaters not to navigate because the strong flow is dangerous. 
Taken above the two sluices you can see where this flow meets the water cascading from the four below
Debris caught in the sluice gate
The lower part of Hambleden Lock landing is submerged too.

I really enjoyed my walk that morning becoming very warm indeed inside my long 'down' coat eventually opening the whole of the zip and letting it fly open.  I do enjoy walking in the wind!


Oakie said...

I bet you had/are having a great time with your visitor. We have had several meals together and every one was so enjoyable and hilarious, as I expect it is with you two. Never short of a word and so many stories to tell.
Happy New Year to you all.

Carol said...

Thanks Ray, enjoying our visiter loads! Happy New Year to you too! xx