Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Build day 16

 We have a well deck! I can see us now, sitting on comfy chairs in the sunshine sharing a bottle of vino-collapso!
Underneath the deck will be a 177 gallon (786 ltr) fresh water tank, so we should never run out!
Ian is doing the long tedious job of seam welding - he loves it!


Nb Yarwood said...

Can you squeeze four chairs in or are you and George going to sit on the gunwales while your 'honoured' guests sip away????

Carol said...

Who said that the guests would get the chairs!! I think that there will be a locker/seat under each gunwale - I must ask Ian/Steve today!

Oakie said...

I do hope your fresh water tank does not run out, 'cos it's going to take all day to refill it!!!!

Carol said...

It certainly will Ray - just make sure you’re not in the queue behind us!