Friday, 29 April 2016

Nearly done!

You may just be able to make out the stern of Still Rockin’ inside the dock at Uxbridge Boat Centre.  It doesn’t seem so dark inside when we’re working but the bright sunshine we’ve had these past few days has hurt my eyes on the few occasions I managed to escape the dock!

One of those few times was late yesterday afternoon when we walked into Uxbridge to buy another paintbrush! Just one more coat of blue paint on the portside gunwale and were done!  The hull has had its four coats of bitumen, is dry and looking good.

The General Elliott pub is opposite the boatyard and on the way back from the shops I stopped to take the top photo and noticed that the pub did take-aways.  I popped inside to see what they offered and asked on the off-chance if they welcomed dogs - they did - so we all went in for dinner.

The pub is spotlessly clean (no sticky tables here), the furniture was polished to an inch of its life, the staff were friendly and although the menu is standard ‘pub-grub’ it's plentiful and at a good price.  George had London Pride which was at just the correct temperature  (Bombardier was also available), wine is limited but there is a selection of red, white or rose and again at a good price.  We shall probably visit again when in the area.

Today once that gunwale is painted we can finish packing everything away and cleaning up we’ll be ready to rock n roll first thing tomorrow (Saturday).  River Thames here we come!

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