Monday, 17 August 2015

Goings on at Still Rockin'

Saturday afternoon a bbq had been planned and visitors were expected … it’s been quite a few years since we’d met with Sue and Richard
 Didn’t manage to get a group picture and these were taken after we’d eaten all the meat and salads and quite a chunk of cake, and had lots of good chat and cheer too!
 Sue and Vic moved up river on Sunday morning, things to do and people to see, so we moved a bit further to a more open mooring to give the panels some sunshine
 … and a view beyond the tree line to the woods
… and I just love this house on the opposite side of the river here at Shalford Water Meadows
… built in 1999

I’ve spent the majority of our time here with my leg raised to reduce the swelling on my ankle and am pleased to say that it is now nearly back to its normal size
… whilst George has been busy today servicing the engine
… and we’ve got visitors again tomorrow apparently!!


KevinTOO said...

More dogs than humans at that BBQ, hope you had plenty of sausages... LOL

Carol said...

It was indeed Kevin, 7 dogs and 6 humans and enough sausages for all and a couple left over!