Sunday, 16 August 2015

As far as we go and success!

 Our mooring just past the Rowbarge Inn, in fact you may just be able to see in the picture above, the mooring posts at the pub in the distance.
 Thursday morning and No Problem go first as planned to let us know of any problems we may face ahead of us!
 A brief glimpse of Guildford Cathedral
 … and Molly in her usual place
 At Dapdune Wharf we get a better view of the cathedral
 … and meet the boaters on wb Vanguard (I think it was!) who have been following Still Rockin’s blog from the start as it coincided with the build of their boat … happy boating to them!
Edited 17 March 2016 - the wide beam is Newlands, thanks for contacting us!

Coming into Guildford, some nice architecture here
 … and pretty bridges.
We had some help getting through Town Lock, a couple from nb Pippa B/Pippa Bee who were out walking, opened and closed the gates on one side for me and the help was much appreciated.
We continued through the town and moored up under the trees on the meadows. This is a far as we can get on the River Wey as the next bridge is too low for us so we shall stay here on these very pleasant moorings (when the rain stops) for a few days.

On Friday in the pouring rain George took the computer on the train to Apple at Reading (you may remember that 10 days or so ago my computer had a bit of a wobble and the screen went white and green!).  It was the graphics card and to fix it would cost £347!!!  BUT … and this is the ‘success’ in the title … they could fix it under warranty because there was a ‘call-back’ on our model (purchased April 2011) for that very reason, although we had not yet received the e-mail.  The computer was left at the shop for repair and we should get it back within a week or so.

Whilst there George purchased a memory card reader to enable me transfer photographs taken with the camera to the iPad as I had been e-mailing my RHS Wisley pictures to myself in order to publish them on the blog and since then I've used the iPad camera instead.

Late afternoon George received a message from Apple at Reading to advise him that the computer was repaired and ready for collection! Shoes on, umbrella in hand and off he went once again but well worth the trip! So that’s the last of the iPad pictures, they’ve not been too bad, a bit grainy perhaps … now ‘normal’ service can be resumed!


  1. Hi, we are on the wb that passed you, it is called Newlands. Love following your blog as it gives us hints where we can go in ours. Not live aboard yet but hopefully will be in the next few years

    1. Hi there, sorry I got the name of your boat wrong! Good to hear from you, happy cruising this summer.


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