Tuesday, 11 November 2014


... ‘till the spring!
Half nine yesterday morning in the bright sunshine we cast off, turned upstream and cruised the short distance to Molesey Lock to use the facilities, wind (turn) and return down the lock which today was on self service.
I said my goodbye to Hampton Court, but only until as early as we can in 2015!
 In the 45 minutes it had taken us all the boats bar one have left the moorings

 Is this the place where boats go to die I wondered. Pegasus in BW livery in very poor shape on the Thames upstream of Kingston

 We were very soon approaching Kingston-on-Thames
St Raphael’s Church on the bank of the river built in 1846 as a family chapel by Alexander Raphael, a Catholic Armenian from India who became the first Catholic Sheriff of London in 1829.
A reminder for us - Kingston visitor moorings look good for a bit of retail therapy next year!
 Kingston road bridge and railway bridge behind (shrouded in plastic) undergoing maintenance work.
Our destination for today - Teddington Lock as the rain starts!


Paul and El said...

Where are you mooring up for the winter, we will be back in the UK early Jan.
Paul xx

Carol said...

Hi there, No definite plans but somewhere between Marsworth and the Slough Arm, just give us a ring nearer the time and we’ll set a date! You appear to be having fun in the sun in Spain, but even wall to wall sunshine must wear off at some point for a while!! xx