Thursday, 6 November 2014

A perfect day

It was -3 at 07:15 this morning but the sun soon burned the mist away as we turned back into the stream and left Weybridge
 ... towards Sunbury
 ... passing the Environment Agency depot and workers maintaining the weir  (good size dry dock there too, must remember that for when Still Rockin’ needs her bottom blacked)

Sunbury Church and weir and we enter the lock cut
 ... past the pub

Old Sunbury Lock for us (the new one is being renovated) and we were pleased to see a lock keeper on duty
 ... you really wouldn’t want to get caught up on that hook!

 Good views across the lock as George returns to the boat after helping with the lock gate - no automation on this lock!

That’s one gate open and the lockie walks all the way round the lock to the other side and winds and winds the wheel
 ... and now he has to do it all again for the next boat - what a star!
 I think these are Scaup ducks which are apparently rather rare

 These buildings look rather grand but the one on the left now appears to be a warehouse/factory of some kind and there’s what looks like an emblem in the arch on the roof but I can’t find out what it would have been originally. (click on any picture to enlarge) 
We soon pass Hampton Church
 ... Dave Gillmore’s gaff
 ... and posh houses

 Winter maintenance work going on at Molesey weir too
 ... whilst anglers fish in the weir stream

 Exiting Molesey Lock we head for Hampton Court Bridge
 ... through which we get our first glimpse of the palace

 I do love this place!
 ... and brilliant, plenty of mooring space too!
 Settled in, fire lit, very happy indeed
... and why wouldn’t we be?

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