Thursday, 20 November 2014

A cold cruise

 From our mooring at Bulls Bridge after topping up the water tank

... we headed towards Bulls Bridge and turned through onto the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal.  Molly is ensuring that no mistakes are made by the steerer!
 Looking back at the bridge and sadly a dead swan in the water there, I have no idea if we should have reported it or not or to who?

 Glowing Autumn
 Neil’s last post to his blog talks of this visitor mooring at Uxbridge Road and this is a good example of what he was saying. A car has pulled up and a lady has stepped out, thrown a load of food out to the swans and other birds and then took photographs of the melee; as we got closer to the bridge the smell was atrocious!
Wall sculptures under one of the many bridges along the arm
A bird for every post at the Engineer’s Wharf
Another splash of lovely autumn colour
This has been a ‘bit of a worry’ since we had Still Rockin’ built - will we get through there?  Yes, of course we can, with about 20” to spare!
Although the sun had come out it didn’t take the chill off the air and Molly snuggles down in her blanket with her face to the sun and back to the cold breeze!
A submarine, upside down bathtub ??
14 miles and 7.5 hours of cold cruising but we’ve arrived at our destination - guess where with the view from the galley window!
In the cosy warmth of the fire with telly on - time to relax!

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