Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas is coming to Paddington Basin/Merchant Square

 A very welcome top-up of fuel from MB Ash yesterday
I’ll let the pictures tell the story as we walked ...

 (except it wasn’t open (Saturday) perhaps only office hours!

I took some paperbacks to the book barge and the saxophonist playing on the barge was out of this world - lovely, lovely jazz.

Following on from Sue’s post yesterday I spoke to the owner above and he told me that the local MP had now become involved in the decision not to offer this business a mooring/licence to trade in the basin. Let’s hope he succeeds.

Just as we got back to Still Rockin’ Adam arrived for a cuppa during a work break and we spent a very pleasant hour catching up with events - great to see him again.


  1. It may well be that they will get a mooring as on the Canal & River Trust page it does say " Where there is the opportunity we will investigate creating more trade moorings to give even more trade boats the option of a regular or permanent spot."

  2. Adam said that he thought the newly opened ‘bottom end’ of the basin may be exclusively for trade boats to bring back a bit of ‘energy’ to Merchant Square’.


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