Sunday, 14 September 2014

Life at Bourne End and a short cruise

We woke up to another beautiful morning on Friday, a slow start today ...
There is still some commercial vessels on the river

There’s a breeze this morning and I just love how it lifts the leaves of the silver birch trees and makes it look as if it’s snowed on them!
The cows in the adjacent field don’t bother walkers and dogs and like to take a paddle every now and then.

Just a short cruise for us and No Problem today, about two miles, no locks.  We set off at 10:30 hoping that when we reach our destination the moorings will be empty, fingers crossed!
A new house boat complete with three running machines in the gym room at the end

Unusual boats, one in perfect condition and the other under renovation
I spotted these shelters high on the hill above the river tucked well back into the trees, what a stunning view they must have from up there!
Fantastic house with the zig-zag garden path
I love to look at and admire the houses but am really quite content with my mode of living!
There are the Marlow visitor moorings, not looking good yet, but just around the corner there was just enough room for us and for NP to squeeze in on the end in front of us - perfect!
Plenty of bird life to watch too!
And this is our view ... the splendid spire of Marlow’s church over the lock with the beautiful flowers of nb No Problem’s roof garden in the foreground.


KevinTOO said...

What an excellent set of photos Carol :)

Carol said...

Why thank you Kevin! x