Thursday, 11 September 2014

A misty start

Yesterday at 06:30 on Cliveden Reach ...
... atmospheric views from Still Rockin'
We leave our secluded mooring ...
... and that wonderful view of Clivedon Manor with the trees starting to change their clothing to autumn colours.
This is the first time I’ve seen this boat with its tarps rolled up
nb No Problem has taken the lead today waiting here for Cookham Lock to be ready for us ...
... where upon exiting Sue had a 'senior moment' and missed the water point!  She pulled alongside whilst we filled up and then we went ahead leaving them topping up their tank ...
... and here she is caught us up.
A beautiful if dilapidated building - what a shame!

Even nicer!!
Vic coming alongside at Bourne End where we moved a boat a few feet so that No Problem could fit on the wharf.
 Looking back towards Bourne End and the marina ...
... and forwards looking up river - a lovely spot.

Today we’ve relaxed, done a bit of boat-work, had a pint at the pub, bbq for tea and then the inauguration of the Aga fire on Still Rockin’ - excited!

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