Monday, 8 September 2014

Great nights out!

Goodness, I’m well behind with my blogs just now!
So looking back ...
Whilst moored in Windsor with Sue and Vic we took advantage of Sue’s offer to look after Molly for us whilst we went out for a meal.  With the added advantage of a certain borrowed card we had a lovely meal and evening at the Christopher Hotel in Eton
... and a pleasant walk back across Windsor bridge and home.  Thank you Sue.

The following day, I think it was Wednesday or perhaps Thursday ...
... love is in the air before we leave this town ...
... passing Windsor Race Course where there has been racing during the week with water taxi/trip boats calling here every few minutes making the river busier even than usual.
And here we are again meeting up with No Problem at Dorney
At this time of year parent swans are ‘encouraging’ last year’s offsprings to test their wings and fly away.  I’ve been trying all week to get some pictures of the youngsters ‘walking on water’ as they try so hard to get into the air.
Not a brilliant photo, but a brilliant evening after a bbq we sit around the log fire with the moon behind us sipping wine and mostly laughing!
Right, I know this was Friday because we’re off back to Windsor for some shopping as we’re meeting up with family tomorrow
Not walking on water I know, but these have progressed a little and can now fly just above the water for short distances ... I will get that photo though!

Approaching Windsor once again ...

... and finding Baths Island empty had our pick of moorings
Having already visited Windsor Castle several time over the years I had decided that I’d give it a miss this year but couldn’t resist a picture though ... awesome!

Our visitors duly arrived on Saturday (George’s brother and sister and nephew with their spouses).  We spent an excellent day on the back deck of Still Rockin’ catching up and relaxing in the warm sunshine.

Tomorrow (that was Sunday) we’re off again.


Sue said...

Molly was brilliant company while I sat/sprawled on the Still Rockin' three seater luxury setee.. Hey wide screen tele, bottle of wine in fridge for me.. bit of peace and quiet what more could I want?

Where is the next town?, and I will look up another restaurant for you! :-D

Carol said...