Monday, 5 February 2018

Nervous excitement already!

In twelve months time our bags will be packed
and we won't be able to sleep!

At about 3:30am tomorrow morning (6th February 2019)
a taxi will collect us and take us to Heathrow.

Via Dubai and Singapore, we will arrive in
Perth, Australia on the 7th February.

During our six-week stay we will visit
Perth (obviously), Melbourne and Sidney.

Not long now!!! 


Nev Wells said... that's what I call planning !

Carol said...

I know! We actually booked it this time last year (2017). It's our 70th birthdays and our gold wedding (50 year) celebrations!

Vallypee said...

Oh what a wonderful trip to look forward to! I can imahine you’re getting excited...the countdown is beginning! Fabulous!

Carol said...

Thanks Val.

Garry said...

Looking forward to seeing you in Perth and Melbourne. time goes so quick. Lots of love Garry & Sue xxx

Carol said...

We'll have a great time Garry!