Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Build day 80

Back in Lambon Boats for a few days ...

The towing plate and wheels are still in place
One side of windows have been fitted - bedroom, bathroom, lounge and dining area at the rear.

The hand rail is beautifully shaped and fitted
Pete makes a start on the port side windows
Windows waiting in the wings to be fitted
Handrail nearly finished, the brackets are for solar panels and aerial mountings
Working side by side
Pete and Steve on the gunwale, George disappearing round the stern, but who’s the ‘other’ body?
Any guesses?
A bit of a clue here!
David Moore, sign writer extraodinair!

The red really sets it off - I love it!
I left them all to it for a few hours whilst I went back to Rock ’n’ Roll to continue packing ... and when I returned ...
George has at last got a handle on things!
The port side windows are all in - galley window with slider
Looking good!
Pete checks that the bow door windows fit ok and ...
... gotcha Steve! fitting the handles to assist us oldies to climb in and out.


Naughty-Cal said...

Wow. She is really coming together all at once.

One thing is for sure. She is going to be one hell of a good looking boat.

Paul and El said...

Its great that they let you help, I can imagine a lot of boatyards would have H&S and insurance issues. We will come down soon and have a sticky beak.

Diane and Ray said...

We love the new blog and the building process and Still Rockin is looking to be a beauty, congratulations and good wishes D & R NB Ferndale

Carol said...

Thank you kind sir!

Carol said...

Will look forward to seeing you both.

Carol said...

Thank you both.