Saturday, 15 April 2017

London days 8-10. bridges, dot days and visitors

We're flagging a bit so kept the weekend relaxed in and around Paddington Basin and had a couple of lovely visits from number one son who works in the area.

Time to rollup the Rollup Bridge

Testing done!
Now it's the turn of
... beyond which is London's first Floating Pocket Park
The area is always busy with office workers and tourists and it was lovely to see these tiny dots making a visit in their hi-vis jackets.
Last but not least we were discovered by friends Lynne and Steve who were in London visiting their daughter.  Steve and George were both in the Royal Air Force together during 1986/88.  The last time we saw them was a chance meeting outside a big department store in Chester a few years ago so it was good to catchup with all each other's news.

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