Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Time out with the Kelpies!

Saturday in Largs on the west coast of Scotland dawned cold, wet and windy.  We’re off to see the Kelpies on the Forth and Clyde Canal at Falkirk.
Snow on the hills as we approach Falkirk
Our first glimpse of the beasts through the car window, through the rain from the M8. The sat-nav told us that we’d reached our destination on the right, the only problem was that there was no exit here!
Goerge and I with grand-daughters Louise, Joanne and Alice

Inside a Kelpie
We didn’t stay long it was so, so cold!

We also stopped to have another look at the Falkirk wheel
… but the sky loomed dark so we picked up a ‘to-go’ coffee and legged it back to the car!

Crossing lock 16 on the way back to the motorway - plenty of water here.

Sunday evening and the jet-setters return.  The two younger girls went with George to collect them from Glasgow airport; Louise a student nurse has been working a shift in the local care home and is rushing up the drive to welcome them home.
Yesterday morning (Tuesday) we say cheerio to the three lovelies and we head south back to Still Rockin’.  We’ll miss them!

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Mac & Jacquie Court said...

Wow, great photos of those Kelpies, but I was shivering along with you. Only just saw them on the TV with Timothy and Pru West, sadly it looked as if it was all just a bit beyond them now and scary watching Tim walk from front to back on the gunnels.
Take care and lots of love from Mac & Jacquie