Sunday, 5 April 2015

House sitting in Scotland

Our daughter Sharon and son-in-law Joe (left) are off to the Big Apple for a few days and then on to Las Vegas! Pal Paul is their chauffeur for the journey to New York.

Bye Mum, bye Dad, have a good time.  Come on everyone it’s party time now!
Pal/chauffeur Paul is now their flight captain!
 Upgrade to first class … they could easily become accustomed to this!  I’m sure they’ll have a wonderful time.

 Where’s the Easter bunny laid those eggs?

The clue the girls have been left with was to look in all the top drawers downstairs and note the first letter of the first thing they see, these letters well then inform where the treasure can be found ...

In the living room …  I saw this first, no I think it’s this! Same in the kitchen!

It could be just about anything in the study!

Wot! no vowels?

Time for a breakfast meeting but the puzzle has not been solved!
After 10 minutes I put them out of there misery - it was all a joke!

The real clue …
A goldmine of treasure
From holidays to times gone past
You will find some pleasure …
A Happy Easter stash!

Easy Peasy!  Where are the photos are stored? … in the loft!
Happy Easter Bunnies … and we had one too!

Happy Easter to all blog readers!


Sandi said...

A great time for everyone! And Easter Eggs! Bet you have a smashing time with the grandchildren and Sharon and Joe will thoroughly enjoy their holiday!
I've been looking at the Byatt side of the family tree and found Granddad's brother, Thomas. He fought in WW1 and "died whilst a prisoner of war" in Belgium in September 1918. I found a lot of information on the CWGC website and sent for a photo of his grave. Will see if I can find anything else!
Again have a great time, talk soon. Love Sandra. Xxx

Carol said...

Gosh! Fantastic Sandra! Talk soon. xx