Saturday, 11 April 2015

A day out!

(pronounced Colayne)
 Walking from the visitor centre
… and looking down past Gas Court towards the beach
 Inside Gas Court
 Very heady scented Butterbur -remiscent of the towpath
 The castle from the beach
 Formal Gardens; the National Trust looking after the environment beautifully
 Approaching the Castle
 Looking over the wall … a long way down!
 Front aspect of Culzean
 … and walking away
 … over the battlement

 Access to another part of the coast down the steep incline

The Powder House, well away from the guns!

Awesome views down to the sea

Tortured trees along the pathway


The Swan ‘Pond’ is actually a 13 acres lake!

The numerous meandering paths are really well kept

Down now at the pond we can see a Heron perched over the far side

A slight detour and climb brings us to the Pagoda erected in 1860 which used to house swans and other birds with a tearoom above.

And another view down to a sandy beach

The duck house has 24 nesting cubicles which have been in use since it was built but this swan prefers to be outdoors!

A Cormorant in the sunshine and a cheeky chaffinch not at all perturbed by the public!
I have no idea what these are but they looked fantastic! [Edited - Skunk Cabbage - thank Sonia Louise]

A great day, a great place and Molly ran her socks off all day!


  1. Looks a lovely place to visit, hope your enjoying your little break xxx

    1. Thanks Garry, not seen a blog from yourself for a long time?? x

  2. the plant is skunk cabbage, we have one in our garden that is looking rather lovely at the moment

    1. Thank you for that, now edited.


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