Sunday, 19 April 2015

Home again and a change of plan

We returned to Still Rockin’ on Tuesday afternoon and our original plan was to turn left as we left the marina and head down towards the Thames for our summer cruising but our plans have had to change!  
You may remember that my finger had been in a splint (plumping cushions should have a health warning!) and I’d seen an A&E consultant and attended a fracture clinic before we went to Scotland to visit family. During our stay I received a telephone call to make an appointment to see an Occupational Therapist who specialises in hand problems, the appointment was for the Wednesday and  a second on Thursday.  We decided to hang on to the hire car and our marina mooring at Harefield for a couple more days to enable me to get to Hemel Hempstead Hospital more easily.  After the second session (which was very painful, but actually got my finger bending again) 4 further appointments have been made taking me through April and May and a hopefully final consultant appointment early in June.  Another set back has been that George has lost a crown from a front tooth so dental appointments have also been made in Hemel.
Leaving our mooring on Friday midday at Harefield, turning right instead of left to return to the  Hemel Hempstead area.

I find Black Jack’s Mill intriguing and wish I knew a bit more about its history.

Who thought of that at Hillingdon Marine!

Business as usual for some on the Grand Union

Coppermill Lock is always a difficult one whether you’re entering or leaving.  The force of water coming from the left in these pictures above is used for white water canoe slaloms and when it’s windy too anything can happen.  Thinking that it would make life easier I got off the boat on the other side of the bridge to open the lock and George was going to ‘hover’ until the gates were open. I rang him when the lock was ready to tell him to put his foot on the gas and he replied “I’m stuck!’ The wind had blown him onto the opposite bank and Still Rockin' was on a ledge somewhere along her length, it took a good 10 minutes to get off before crabbing his way across the flow!
Primroses on the bank
Nothing much has changed since our last couple of journeys this way this year; the monkey is still hanging about

… the hippo is still wallowing but hey, an elephant has been added to the mix too!

We called it a day and put in the pins just above Stokers Lock.  It’s good to be on the move again even though it’s not in the direction we intended.

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