Sunday, 18 May 2014

Build days 164-168

 It’s coming together ...
 Stern seating has been painted and the upholsterer is coming next week to price up the cushions, I just hope they’re won’t be too expensive!

The tiling in the galley has started ...

... and the insert in the small cupboard has been fitted - that will be very useful.

Mark is cleaning up the grout in the fire tiles ...

... and the trims, knobs etc are on in the galley, we’re just waiting now for the window trims.
 The electric cupboard - the inverter is on!  The engine has been run and is at least as quiet as Rock ’n’ Roll is and the engine bay hasn’t been soundproofed yet, we’ll get that done in time.
The central heating (Webasto) has also been tested and is working perfectly.
I love this fireplace! We’re just waiting for the fire to sit on the hearth once the flue is in place ... and the flooring arrives this week.

As I said at the beginning - it’s all coming together now!

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