Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Build days 162/3

The bathroom cupboards have doors and knobs
The wall and ceiling trims are fitted in the bedroom

The washer and freezer are installed behind integrated doors, again with knobs!

The lounge door has been hung and the black marble hearth is in place with the fire positioned so that ...

... Mark knows where to make the hole in the roof for the chimney.

All the central heating and water pipes have been boxed in ...

... and the trim is in place throughout the lounge and dining area.

The shower has been installed ... the bathroom is small, but will be beautifully formed!

Bathroom and bedroom doors hung ...

... and the bedroom door from inside the room has a handle now too!

 Meanwhile back in our caravan at Droitwich Marina a thunder storm rumbles overhead.


  1. We have the same cupboard doors as you have chosen for your bathroom and utility cupboards at home in the kitchen, but we have them with stainless steel knobs. You will be pleased to know that they hide dirt really well :)

    1. Hi there, (I wish I knew your name(s)! Thanks for the comments re the doors - hope that you mean they’re easy to keep clean and not that the dirt is so well hidden that I won’t to able to get at it to clean it! (A bit of a ‘clean’ freak me!!

    2. Hi Carol.

      Ours names are Liam and Rachael, although its me Rachael that does most of the writing!!

      RE the cupboard doors I mean they look clean even if you let them get a bit dirty. We have them in the kitchen and regardless of how careful you are you get the odd splash on the cupboards. Remarkably despite being white this doesnt seem to show up.

      I horrified myself last night cleaning ours at just how grubby they were!! Trouble is once you have cleaned one you need to do them all.....

  2. Looking good Sheila. We are back in the marina for a short time and will be popping in and out getting ready for our summer cruise which starts (we think!) on Friday 23 May. I will try to catch up with you before we leave - I am sure we will be across quite a few times next week and plan on staying on board on Thurs 22 May. Good luck with the finish of your super new home - I bet you cannot wait.

    1. Thanks Jennie, we’ll see you around the marina then I’m sure. Busy making curtains, bungs etc at present - very slowly! By the way it’s Carol not Sheila!

    2. Oh I am so sorry Carol - I do know that - senior moments and all that! I am not sure where my brain was, but not in it's rightful place that is for sure. I will come and knock if it looks as though you are around.

    3. No problem Jennie, looking forward to seeing you!


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