Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Build day 171

The two main tasks today were to put the ceiling strips up in the bow canopy and to sand and fill in the screw holes in the floor as the vinyl will be fitted on Tuesday next week.
 The fire is now fully installed
 The bedroom lights are in ...
... and the acro props are keeping the bow canopy ceiling strips in place until dry.


Chas and Ann said...

It is all looking good for you both. Just wondering why the chimney did not go strait up! Otherwise we are very impressed with the fitting out. Such a lot of design work on your part. No doubt you are looking forward to the launch and getting out of the caravan. xxxx

Carol said...

Hi you two, thanks for the comments and you’re right we can’t wait to get out of the caravan and onto the water it will be great! Being a wide beam boat there is a beam down the centre of the roof to support the metal work so the chimney has had to go to one side of that central beam. Hope you are both keeping well, tried to call Ann on the landline the other day but no reply. I’ll try again over the next few days.