Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Bank Holiday Weekend ...

Saturday (23rd May) started a bit cloudy and although we were able to sit on the deck we had several short sharp windy showers throughout the day
On Saturday when the Canadians came by with their young family the lambs were most interested but Mr/Mrs Canada Goose kept a wary glare on them
Out for a walk to the marina to collect some post we passed this crop growing in lots of fields - can't find what it is - anyone know - David Lewis?
At the marina we noticed that after the rain of yesterday the water was overflowing the weirs unlike it was when we left a week ago.

Back at the meadow (about midday) we were amazed at the amount of people around.

There's a dead, skeletal  tree just behind the boat and pair of pied wagtails were busy flying in and out of it all afternoon
7:20 on Monday morning and a hot air balloon rises in the clear blue sky ... it's going to be another hot one.
Both the river and the meadow was the busiest we've ever seen  with water birds, dog walkers, family outings and picnickers...

canoeists and paddle boarders ...

rowers and cruisers, both big and small ...
and wild swimmers ... lots of them ... from early morning until late afternoon

Later in the afternoon this lady came along telling George (I was currently on the phone to my eldest granddaughter) and said that she had a very good friend who I used to work with and who followed the blog so knew that we were moored here on Medmenham Meadow.  This is Glenys and our mutual friend is Catrin Morris who I used to work with at Dolgellau Hospital.  Thank you Glenys for calling by and saying hello and I apologise for not being able to have a proper conversation with you.  I'm sure you'll understand, my granddaughter is a deputy sister on a covid ward in Stockport Hospital and our conversations are very precious.
We whiled away the rest of the afternoon on the deck watching the world go by until ...
it was bbq time ... yeah!

As we were packing away along came these folk carrying ....  swans?
no motor, no paddles, no oars ... just swanning about!

And a magnificent sunset to end the day.

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