Tuesday, 6 August 2019

WaL day 16 ... to Nantwich ...

It was rather misty on Friday (2nd August) at 06:30 ...
but the sun had burned all that away by 9:30 when we left our mooring at Coole Pilate.  We're not going far today just four miles and two locks, hence the later start.
During our cruise over the last couple of weeks we've seen many fields of corn that looked decimated by wind and rain and just a few  where the harvester had already cut and baled the corn.
Ten minutes later we're approaching Hack Green Locks

and another ten minutes and we're through them both.
Pigeon on the left and I think that's a Sparrow Hawk on the right

11 o'clock and we've moored up just south of the Aqueduct

Off into Nantwich for a bite to eat and to find a pub where we can meet up with friends this evening.
Looking over the top of the aqueduct onto Nantwich Ring Road and Welsh Row

Interesting stuff here ... the first iron aqueducts were made very narrow but it was difficult for boats to pass across because there was no space for the displaced water to go.  
Thomas Telford came up with this plan where-by the aqueduct was built much wider with the towpaths overhanging the width making sufficient space for the water.
Our mooring is to the left (out of shot) of the aqueduct.
Some lovely old buildings in the medieval market town of Nantwich ...
even though the shops themselves look modern!
Malthouse Cottage in Welsh Row.
Waiting for our friends to arrive in our choice of eatery for this evening ...
the 17th century Cheshire Cat.


Vallypee said...

That all looks lovely, Carol. Nantwich is where my cousin lived for years before she died. I never got to see much of it, but it looks beautiful! The aqueduct is a work of art, isn't it?

Steve Baines said...

Was great meeting up with you Guy's & thank you for a lovely week-end.
Looking forward to meeting up with you again on the Thames.
Steve/Lynne Xx

Carol said...

Nantwich really is a lovely place Val. I've visited a number of times in the years when were narrow boating but never for long enough to explore and appreciate it as it should be. The aqueduct is amazing Val, to think that it was build over 200 years ago and still going strong for the same purpose today.

Carol said...

Thanks Steve/Lynne, we had a good time too, it was lovely to see you both.