Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Did we, or didn't we?

The river level has dropped by about 6" since yesterday

... but red boards are still displayed on Hambleden Lock for the reach above

This is the EA's report at 12:30 today ... the only plus point is that Hambleden to Hurley is the direction we want to go and on that reach the stream is decreasing ... but is that enough?

What else has been going on whilst we decide whether to go or stay?
Houseboat Gypsy Willow has been moved to her summer mooring pontoon

 ... and Marc and Richard have been moving other boats

 to their permanent moorings.

 Ben came with spaniel Finley to say cheerio
and George took a walk to see what the main stream was doing to help us make the decision on what we should do. 

This afternoon I was 'tagged' in a facebook post from the Harbour-master of the non-tidal Thames who had visited Hambleden lock today ... he says ... 
"With improved weather, levels and flow continuing to fall. Red warnings gradually being replaced by yellows. Flow at Maidenhead now 85 cubic metres (85,000 litres) per second. River still lively - as you can see from this slo-mo clip Hambleden Weir tip gates doing their thing. Stay in touch with latest river conditions here:"
Along with his comments, the EA's update at 5:30 and our own observations, we've made the decision to stay tonight and leave early in the morning.  We're only going about half a mile and we're hoping that the water will be a little less lively then.  Wish us luck!


ertuck said...

The best of British to you both I hope your short journey will be safe and uneventful,and I for one envy you both...

Carol said...

Thank you Eric.