Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A walk along the weir ...

The whole of the River Thames is currently on Red Boards which means that it is not safe to navigate. 

Today (3rd April) we went for our usual short walk ...
 The river is up about 12' (4+mtrs) and today we have to step down about 18" from Still Rockin's rear deck onto the pontoon and cannot step from there onto the grass any longer
 The lower step which we usually step up onto from the pontoon is now submerged
Grape Hyacinth growing along the mill stream edge
This is where the River Thames comes into the mill stream.  Usually there is just a few inches of water but now there's about 18" coming through.  The throughput is controlled by the lock keeper along with the sluices on the weir.
Looking back from the bridge above at Still Rockin' against the rising pontoon.

From your warm comfy seat with perhaps a cuppa/glass, put your feet up, turn up the sound and listen to the roar of the river and the wind
... as I take you with me on a walk over Hambleden weir 

Both the lower and higher lock landings downstream of Hambleden Lock are completely submerged
You can just see the tips of the safety ladder on the higher lock landing
The river has flooded the field through which  runs the Thames Path (towpath)

But the rain we've had has brought forth the early spring wild flowers as we walk home ...
Lesser Celandine
... Daisy and Chickweed
... and the Dandelion 
The water in the lock will flood the lock sides if we get any more rain.

The question is ... will we be able to leave next Monday to start our 'summer' cruising?

PS: 4th April 07:30 - 
It rained again during the night and the water level has risen further, there is only an inch or so of that top step showing 

... we'll need our wellies to disembark soon!


Nb Triskaideka said...

Wow, thanks for posting. We crossed over the Trent today near Shardlow in the car and you couldn't see the river path at all, as all the feilds were flooded. Let's hope it stops soon, so we can all get moving! Take care out there!


Hazel Nickisson said...

More like wet suit or diving gear Carol! Please take care and stay safe. X

KevinTOO said...

Excellent video Carol, that's a heck of a lot of water running through the weir!!!