Monday, 5 February 2018

Nervous excitement already!

In twelve months time our bags will be packed
and we won't be able to sleep!

At about 3:30am tomorrow morning (6th February 2019)
a taxi will collect us and take us to Heathrow.

Via Dubai and Singapore, we will arrive in
Perth, Australia on the 7th February.

During our six-week stay we will visit
Perth (obviously), Melbourne and Sidney.

Not long now!!! 


  1. that's what I call planning !

  2. I know! We actually booked it this time last year (2017). It's our 70th birthdays and our gold wedding (50 year) celebrations!

  3. Oh what a wonderful trip to look forward to! I can imahine you’re getting excited...the countdown is beginning! Fabulous!

  4. Looking forward to seeing you in Perth and Melbourne. time goes so quick. Lots of love Garry & Sue xxx

  5. We'll have a great time Garry!


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