Monday, 19 February 2018

Come walk with us ...

A belated post - a circular walk taken on Sunday 4th February ...
We'd looked at the OS map for a circular walk, not too long and found this one ...
It started with our usual walk to the Flower Pot hotel but instead of walking round the hotel and back home we took a right turn up the lane until we came to this kissing gate leading onto a public footpath
The house on the left of the picture is lovely.  It's rather large but in a beautiful setting.
Continuing up the hill 
... a little house in the trees
... where we saw our first snowdrops of 2018
Looking back along the path ... we're still heading up the hill

Beautiful autumn colours here but I've no idea what the plant is - any ideas anyone?

Morning sun in the valley
Culham House ... a zoomed shot!
... and another zoom ... that's Hambleden Marina in the very far distance
A panorama this time
(the marina is in the slight dip to the right of the tree above)
Another look back
A Quatar plane - just like we'll be on early next year!
... and a Virgin flight in a clear blue sky
Is that even legal?

That's our trail, the blue dot at the head of the green dashes

We're at the top of the hill about to descend

... and can see the Temple on Temple Island at the head of the Henley Regatta course on the river
Continuing down the hill with the Thames on our right
There must be a church here-about

Interesting house over the wall
Anyone read Latin??
And there's the church
Through the pretty lynch gate to the Church of St Nicholas, Remenham

There was a service going on inside so we didn't enter and unfortunately it's not open at any other time
Lovely stained glass windows 
... in the church porch
Our walk from the marina took us from left to right behind the trees on the ridge, and now we're walking right to left home again
... and joined the Thames Path, heading home
Back at Hambleden Lock the navigation has been reduced to stream decreasing which means that the water height is dropping.
Looking back from the marina to the long weir path
A jolly good walk which we've done several times since.


Jennifer said...

What a lovely walk... thank you, enjoyed the fresh air :)

These people might like to know about the snares

Vallypee said...

What a wonderful walk! Thank you for taking us with you, Carol! I really enjoyed it, but yes, I wonder about that sign too. Traps? Poison? Surely not allowed?

Carol said...

Thanks for the link Jennifer, when I googled it though I got this message -


You are not able to access this service because Content Control is in place.

If you're 18 years or over, you can remove Content Control by contacting your mobile service provider's customer support

Carol said...

Hi Val, thanks for the comment - glad you enjoyed it. See Jennifer's comments/link above.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs. The walks are always lovely. I have been following you for a while now. You bring back memories as we had a narrowboat for 5 years and we went on the Thames a couple of times. Do you know what has happened to Inca. I used to follow them but not heard anything since November?

Looking forward to hearing about your next adventure.


Carol said...

Thank you Margaret for your comments, glad you enjoy Still Rockin's blog. It sounds like you miss your boating days. I think that Inca is moored up for the winter but I would hope that they'll be back on the cut continuing their adventures when the weather gets a little warmer. You could leave a comment/message on Inca's blog.