Saturday, 13 January 2018

On a cold and frosty morning

These were taken on 6th Jan when it was only just above freezing outside and the feeders were attracting a variety of visitors ...
Woodpecker - wonder if he wonders why his pecking is silent ...

Blue Tits sharing the space


... and we now have Great Tits coming to feed

... and Green Finches too
Watching the birds flitting about this tree and squabbling about whose turn it is on the nuts and seeds still fascinates us every day.  I've recently been hanging a small apple from the tree but it doesn't last very long as the Parakeets devour it in minutes!


  1. I love the pictures of the Great Chaffinches and the Green Finch. Your bird sanctuary is a magical space to watch.

    Love Jaq xxx

  2. Thank you Jaq, it certainly is! x

  3. Lovely to see the birds so happy, Carol! Happy 21018!


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