Monday, 28 March 2016

Cruising ...

M40, M42, M6 and party and M6, M42 and M40
… on Good Friday it took us 3½ hours to do a 2-hour journey because of bank-holiday traffic and accidents, but the sun was out and we were going to visit family to share some birthdays and a great time!
Today it was an early start and it was snowing!!
We stayed to see our youngest grandson open his presents on his 15th birthday before setting off on our journey home back to Still Rockin’.
 The snow has stopped
… and turned to rain
 … and as we cruised south of Birmingham the sky lightened
 … and the traffic came to a standstill on the northbound M40 as we reached Aylesbury; fortunately today’s journey was just under the 2-hours with no delays at all.  

After a good time over the weekend it was also good to be home.


Marilyn, nb Waka Huia said...

It seems as though all your birthdays come at once - extreme expenditure during one period of the year - not that far from Xmas ... Belated happy birthday, George!
Lovely warm weather here over Easter - no signs of winter or even autumn yet!
Big hugs, M&D xox

Carol said...

Thanks Marilyn. x

Vallypee said...

It was horrible over Easter here too, but now it's bright and sunny. Just cold still!

Carol said...

Summer’s coming Val!