Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Off to Ricky!

Early start yesterday, just before 8am we pulled pins from

… Cassiobury and it was already warm
…passing on the way historic boats StaffordHyperion  and Elstree

At Lot Mead Lock the lock house is beautiful and I wondered if the whole of it was always residential or if part of it was for other BW related activities ...
… in conjunction with this building opposite which is also now residential.
A very smart dutch barge as we approach Batchworth Lock

We pulled in at Rickmansworth Tesco for a big shop and then were lucky enough to get a space opposite for the night and decided to spend the day here today and it’s been hot, hot, hot! Far too hot to be out and about so we stayed inside with the fan pushing warm air around the boat!
… so we left it until nearly 5pm before venturing out for a walk around Batchworth and Bury (above) lakes but it’s still hot!


  1. Hi Carol and George, Still hot here at Sandford too. We are nearly at Oxford and will miss being on the Thames - love the width, the speed allowed and the vistas down here. We will definitely come back here next year! So let's get organised for a few encounters! M&Dxox

  2. Hi. How right you are.....we went into Stone this morning and walked along the towpath towards Barleston. I think we passed 4 locks then sat for a while watching the boats. Molly sat under the seat out of the sun and we watched the dragonflies and fluffy baby ducks! We walked back slowly and were really tired but it was lovely, so many colourful boats, and dogs of all shapes and sizes and all of them needing hugs! It was a good morning and a sleepy afternoon. Xxx

    1. Sound just up my street Sandra! xxx


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