Friday, 5 June 2015

12 months on and we’re Still Rockin! [edited 6/6][

It’s exactly a year since Still Rockin’ was launched and what a brilliant time that’s been.

Stats for this first year are :-
  • 420 miles of cruising
  • 375 locks
  • 10 swing bridges, which equals
  • 795 lock miles
  • 692 engine hours
  • 781 litres of diesel
  • and loads and loads of free solar power!

[this should have been a] short slideshow of Still Rockin’ on 5th June 2014 being loaded onto transport from the boat builder/fitter at Droitwich  [but blogger has been ‘playing up!] ….

…. and getting her bottom wet in Braunstone Marina [again, just a still I’m afraid!]

Although our cruising area has been restricted the extra space has made up for it and we are still of the opinion that we did the right thing at the right time.  Once our ‘locking’ days are over we have a nice home to live out our really old age …. but before that happens ….  roll on lots more years to come!

PS I wonder if anyone else has had a problem with blogger in the past 24 hours? It has been very slow to load even though I tried both of our 3 mobile dongles each showing 4 bars 3G outside of the boat with the computer alongside them.  If you saw the blog that I posted yesterday with at least one video/slideshow on it, please let me know if you were able to view the video(s).  Many thanks


  1. Looks like a good time was had by all!
    Glad it's been a great first year and all the best for many many more!

    1. Hi Sandra, could you open and view the videos I put on? See my ps on on the updated post above! xxx

  2. Hi. No I couldn't see the video, it said something like it was "not supported". I just thought it was me, cos it usually is! The photos look much better than the little brown box with a jigsaw piece in the middle did!
    Got your photo, glad you like it, I enjoyed making it, loved making the flowers, just worried it wouldn't fit!
    Hope you get your video thingy sorted. Love you. Xxx

    1. Thanks Sandra, 3 were doing maintenence on the mast local to where we were moored so it was not my ‘expertise’ going wrong but not enough signal to make it happen!!!!

  3. Hi Carol i
    I couldn't see any thing on your blog page last night,it was completely blank .

  4. Thanks Sharon for the information. I read Oakapple’s blog to see that your lovely boat was launched at Braunston on Friday exactly 12 months after Still Rockin’ was launched in exactly the same spot! Enjoy!!


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