Monday, 1 June 2015

Hanging about

We’re getting thoroughly bored with this waiting, but hopefully there’s an end in sight
So bored in fact I got quite carried away snapping this fish sunning itself in the top inch or so of the canal
I think it’s a Gudgeon but it may be a Minnow; it was about 10” long

These two very pretty boats passed us yesterday after the rain had stopped ...

… I was too late to get my camera so I’ve pinched these from 
Diane and Ray’s blog post .  Hope they won’t mind!
Woke this morning to bright sunshine but rather windy
 but Molly still wants to be in pole position on the slider and dips her head below the parapet of her bed to escape that cold wind!
From the bow - waves on the water and the cloud is bubbling up.  The forecast here at Kings Langley is for heavy rain this afternoon lasting for the next 24 hours - no problem!


  1. No problems with using the pictures, they were funny little boats

  2. Good job it's June! Cold, wet and windy! You sound as fed up as I feel! 😉 Are you still having your physio and George his dental work? Let's hope the summer finely gets here soon. Big hugs! Xxx

    1. First day of summer Sandra and this is what we get! I hope it improves soon. Yes both still ongoing. I see the consultant this week and have 2 more planned physic appointments then it will be SOS if I need help later in the year. George goes to the dentist again next week to have his gum drilled ready for a post for a new tooth! Don’t think about it, sounds painful! He’ll have to come back in a few weeks time for the actual tooth to be fitted. We’ll probably head towards the Thames in a few weeks and come back to Hemel by bus or car. We take Molly to the ophthalmologist next week too for a check up on here eyes and the drops we’re using but she seems to be fine with them. big hugs to you too xx

  3. Don't forget the post office!

  4. We empathise totally! Those two boats passed us late this afternoon here just before Yardley Gobion. The fish pics are really good. Xx


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