Friday, 15 May 2015

Nash Mills to Hemel Hempstead

We spent a useful few days below Nash Mills Lock over last weekend, George was busy with his ‘project’ and the weather was sooo good!
Our first bbq of the year, a bit late for us!
Tuesday morning we woke to heavy rain on the roof so didn’t move from the bedroom until it stopped at about 10am so it was a late start. I left George at about 11 o'clock to wind (turn) Still Rockin’ just below our mooring whilst I walked up to set the first lock and waited ….

 … and waited ...

It was 11:45 before he appeared around the corner, apparently winding the boat was a doddle but getting her past the tree which blocked half the navigation on a bend was a trial and took some toing and froing to pass through.  Then there was the ‘other’ wide beam which met him at the bridge where yet another wide beam was moored! 
The rest of the cruise was uneventful stopping at Apsley to do some bits of shopping and to refill the water tank and to eventually moor up at Hemel for my physio appointment on Wednesday morning.

And did I see the Moorhen chicks in the water?
 Yes! Though this one went in head first, don’t think he planned it that way!
Happy chicks!


  1. Is he asleep or praying to the charcoal God to stay alight and cook his sausages.
    Hope the Physio goes well as I can hear the Thames calling.

    1. Hi Les, I think he’s actually looking deeply into his wine glass wishing it wasn’t empty! Love to you both. xx

  2. It's obvious, George is thinking out the finer points of his project, whatever that maybe, at least wondering what that might be will keep my mind of wondering how long I will have to wait for my registration docs. I am trying to be patient, but when the sun shines I want to get behind that wheel.

    Love Mac & Jac


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