Tuesday, 19 May 2015

A project

During the colder months Still Rockin’s front cratch has proved to be most useful
 … for the drying of logs and storage of coal in a small bin
Now that the warmer (we hope) weather is here this space needs tidying up

The uncut logs have been cut and chopped and the projects offcuts of wood turned into kindling, and of course the towpath has also been cleaned up
George busy on the roof painting ...
… the roof box beautifully painted and neatly laid out with the fire-sized logs
Cover made and fitted
… and we’ve now got back our lovely seating area - a good job done
Time for a glass or two of red!


  1. Breathe! And summer here we come.. Cheers!

  2. Replies
    1. It’s good to have the cratch back for sitting in the sunshine! x

    2. Is that the anchor I can see through the window? It looks about the width of the wine bottle, I have some blue Arran yarn but it's a denim effect and not really the right blue! One is a like the colour of a dark pair of jeans and the other is very light, so I will try to get some closer to what I used in the tea cosy in colour. Soon get done! Xxx

    3. Hi Sandra, yes that’s the anchor and the arran yarn sound just the job if you’ve got enough of it, don’t go buying more! Looking forward to this project of yours now! Love you xxxx

  3. Just catching up with my favorite boaters' blogs! Very nice job on the wood box George and Carol the bow is so inviting. I would love to fetch up for a glass of wine with you both. We are moored up at Cosgrove now, above the lock, just before the lovely old bridge. We get a Tesco order delivered tomorrow and then turn, and head back to Stantonbury one last time, to meet up with family on Wednesday. then we will turn and come back up and moor just this side of Wolverton so Les can catch the train to the RFH next Monday, and THEN we will finally be pointed in the right direction and headed North without any more gong back and forth and back again!! Whew! MIss you both and hugs for Molly,


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