Thursday, 29 January 2015

Good Friends, good food, good time!

… and a good time was had by all in The Greyhound Pub at Wigginton.
Thank you Jaq for inviting us to join you yesterday for lunch with the ‘Airhead Group

Round the table, L-R - Les and JaqChris and Jenni, me and George, and Ken and Sue.

And yes, toilets were discussed, but that’s not all, as George, Chris and Ken all had the Royal Air Force in common, having served in many of the same bases and having mutual acquaintances.

Good friends, good food and a good time!


  1. It was such a pleasure to bring you all together at long last. I felt sure certain that your paths might have crossed somewhere throughout your Air Force years. We had such a good time!!

    Gosh I feel like I haven't read a boater's blog in a month!! Ther are still ongoing technical issues with the courses I am instructing and I am spending 8-12 hours a day trying to get them sorted, catch up a back log of grading and help my students catch up. I feel like I have been tied to the computer! XX

    1. Hi Jaq, have you seen the notice that Bulbourne Lock may be open on Monday - for narrowboats only, so presumably that’ll be only one gate open! See you Friday. x


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