Thursday, 8 January 2015

At the wheel again

I let George steer on Monday when we left our Tesco mooring as there’s not much room on the landing at Batchworth Lock

… but once through I took over the wheel again, even taking her through this long, long line of moored boats

… on both sides of the canal, some breasted up too.

It’s a dull cold day today as I wait for George to set Lot Mead lock

George is showing his versatility here by taking the photos of a Green Woodpecker with my camera whilst talking on his mobile phone as we cruised through Croxley Green - good shots though!

We thought that 78p was a good price at Bridgewater Boats so we pulled over to fill the tank and then found out that the price was without VAT!

Last one of the day, and there’s water cascading over Cassio Bridge Lock
I love a sense of humour!
Moored up now below Iron Bridge Lock by Cassiobury Park.
I’ve done most of the steering today too even through the pounds so once again I’m pleased with myself!
This was taken after heavy rain on Tuesday, I love the different lights of sun on the bushes and the dark sky clearing.

We’re here now for a few days as it’s a good place to meet up with our son.


Sandi said...

Hi Carol, great to see your photos, everything looks great. Hope you're all well, I have developed a cough but it seems every other person has one! Hope you get this comment, this is the 3rd I've tried in the last few days so here goes. Love you all, Sandra. Xxxx

Carol said...

Hi Sandra, well third time lucky!! We’re both ok thanks, but like you and everyone else we’ve had the cold and are now left with the cough!! Look after yourself. Love you too. xx