Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Build days 51-54

A bit like watching paint dry ... but not yet!
For the past 4-5 days Steve Lambon is still working flat-out even though there’s not been a lot to show in a photograph.  He’s now sanding down the welding and steel ready for priming ...
 All laid out for finishing - front doors, locker door, rear doors, sliding hatch (made yesterday), locker doors, and gates
 Sliding hatch ...
 ... and sliders ...
 Shiny engine bay ...
... and the primer has arrived.
 Next door at Barn Owl Narrowboats ...
 ... some of the paint has arrived there too!
Another delivery, of a different kind - some of the furniture for Still Rockin’.  All this is soooo exciting!
George went back to Barn Owl this afternoon to stow the furniture boxes safely out of Stuart’s way.  
(Thanks Stuart for assisting us with storage, it’s very much appreciated).
 In the meantime Steve has started to mask up ...
... and create the hole for the fuel filler.

And George’s 'other baby’ has arrived ...
The Axiom



  1. Very pretty! Shame you'll not see it after April....
    Are you on schedule still?

    1. Hi Geoff, thanks for the comment. Yes we are still just about on schedule, hopefully we’ll be in the paint shop next week then it’ll be all systems go! Yipeeeeee!


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