Thursday, 23 January 2014

Build day 56

The first coat of primer ...

 Ooh, does that mean there’s been a delivery?

Steering equipment has arrived!


  1. Well George, you look mighty happy with your new wheel, hope it's big enough!! It's all coming along smashing. Just one question... and I know this is not the right terminology... but the end with the canopy, is there room to stand 'cos it doesn't look very high!! I know it must be but it's been worrying me. Hope your all ok. Love you Sandra. xxx

    1. Hi Sandra, It’s the same height as the front cratch on Rock n Roll and I can just stand up in it although George has be just bend a little. On Still Rockin’ we shall always enter and leave via the back of the boat - the front bow will be our own little balcony! We’re great thanks, hope your lot is good too! xxx

  2. Well that's ok then. All the best. Sandra. xxxx


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